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Because ​​Who Has Patience for Parking?!

The No-Risk shopping secret to make your friends
Even If You Have Zero Time To Shop!
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Welcome To The New Craze...
Revolutionizing Shopping!


Without Buying, you'll receive your amazing outfit to try-on in the convenience of home. Keep ONLY what you love, send the rest back using our included return shipping.

Surprise Styles

Love surprises? Each month features surprise outfits consisting of items perfectly styled just for you. No cookie-cutter packages! Based on what you keep, our experts learn more about your existing tastes, helping you discover new styles each month!


Each item is priced about the same as eating out - between 10-30 bucks. The service is FREE with no weird fees. The only debit you'll ever see is a shipping debit to you, which is credited towards your purchase.

Here's How The Fun Begins!

Take YOUR Style Quiz

It's Fun. It's Easy. It's all about YOU! Why Wouldn't You Want To Take It?!

Delivering Happiness in a Pink Package

Every month you'll receive your personalized outfit. Open it up. See your surprises!

Keep What You Love

No checkout needed! Keep the items that you Love. Send the rest back.

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Simple Steps
To Freedom
1. Take Your Style Quiz. Receive Your Outfit.

Think of a store that comes to you.

2. Try on Your Outfit at Home WITHOUT Paying.

Keep items only if you love them. Although rarely used, we include return shipping in each package - just in case!

3. After several days, we debit you only for kept items.

No crappy checkout. No hassle. Welcome to the amazing world of automation.

How is this possible?

We're perfectly aligned with you every step of the way. We carefully study and learn your preferences, as well as push your boundaries with items you'll absolutely love. If you don't love something, you don't buy. Simple as that :)

We love our customers!

We Send Unique, Affordable, and High-Quality Items

What Are Smart Shoppers Saying About Nadine West?

Ready To Get Started?

It's FREE to sign up! And there are NO monthly fees!

Got Questions?

What is Nadine West?

We are a super fun and fashionable service providing customers with personalized stylish items, free of charge!
We send you a pink package of fashion, you try the items on in the comfort of your home, and see how easily they fit into your existing wardrobe! Return what you didn't love by the specified date on your packing slip. Use the same shiny pink envelope, return postage label and the sticky tape included. It's really THAT easy!
No fees, no hidden costs. You pay only for the items you loved and kept.
We make it simple!

How many items will I receive in my outfit?

Each Pink Package will include 2-4 items. Typical combos include a shirt or scarf and a couple pieces of jewelry and other fabulous accessories!

What Sizes Do You Carry?

We primarily carry S-3X tops but often run low on our most popular sizes of Medium and XL.
We continue to seek out vendors who have a good selection of tops in these sizes so that we can have the available for all of our lovely customers each month!

And how does shipping work?

Shipping is simple! We'll debit your account $9.78 and apply the credit to anything you purchase so that it's free :)

What if I don't keep anything?

If you decide to not keep anything, typically, you will lose the credit; however, we will definitely provide you a one-time courtesy rollover of this amount to your next shipment if you tell us prior to the release of the subsequent shipment.

If you get a package that is a complete miss, we encourage you to update your style profile and to add lots of notes to your online feedback!

What are the prices on the items?

The average of each individual piece is around $18. Some venture as low as $7 and others as high as $35.

Can I try the items by wearing them out before deciding?

We occasionally get mistaken for a rental service. We are a store that comes to you! Nadine West items are for sale and we expect that you don't wear any items that you don't intend to buy. You are of course encouraged to try them on in the comfort of your home, pair them with items in your existing wardrobe, and see all the wonderful ways that they will be a great addition.

Do I tell you which items I'm keeping each month?

No need to tell us! Just keep them. Upon signup, you'll securely store your CC information. Anything not returned to us by the date on your packing slip will automatically be charged! It's easy :)

How do I return unwanted items?

You will use the same package we send; therefore, just put any unwanted items back inside and close it up.

How do I pay for items I keep?

After you receive and try-on items, keep only what you love. After about 5 days, if we haven't received anything back, we'll conveniently debit your card for kept items!

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.
We currently don't accept prepaid cards.

Why do you guys care so much about my feedback each month?

Our number one priority is to make you happy!!! Sometimes our super style team just doesn't interpret your quiz answers correctly. Hearing about what you loved, what you hated, and what you really want to see in your packages is the most important feedback that we get. It helps us figure out more about what makes you awesome, and how to match our items to your unique needs!

How do I login to update my style answers, CC info, delivery adrs, etc?

Easy Peasy! Just go here to access your profile If you forgot your password, no problemo! You can reset it by following that link.

What brands do you carry?

We carry a large variety of brands. Some you know. Others you won't.

Can you send more clothing?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. We have to stick to the postal service's weight restrictions, which limits packages to one top.
However, if you really want this, email us at and we may roll out this service later.
We are here to keep you happy, so let us know how we can do better.

Is the service open to non-U.S. residents?

At the moment, US-only. :)

I didn't get a top this month, why not?

We try our best to always include either a shirt or a scarf with each package! But there are times when we won't be able to do that. A couple examples:
1. XL and Mediums are in high demand and they fly off our shelves! Supply and demand for these sizes do not do us any favors. We are constantly on the lookout for additional supply avenues to fix this hiccup!
2. Occasionally the items we do have in stock just won't work to match your style quiz answers. If you were very limited in the styles and options you told us to send, then we stick to it! We don't want to send things you won't love. You can always update your style info to broaden the available items to be included.

It's been over 30 days since I received a shipment. What does this mean?

This could be because of several reasons. First off, we're growing like crazy, thanks to you guys, so sometimes we might be a few days behind. Usually, you will receive an outfit every 30 days. At times, it might also be that the mail is late.
Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or suggestions. We love hearing for you guys.

My packaging is damaged. What do I do? :(

We know our hot pink packages BEGS for love and attention, and suspect the post office occasionally hugs them little TOO tight. (We can't blame them!) If you receive a broken piece, just let us know and we'll take care of it.

What if I want to return items for a refund later?

We want to ensure you get not only the best stuff, but that it's new as well; therefore, if you've passed your due date for returning a package, we rarely will accept returns for refunds.

Skipping Months, Pausing, or Cancelling

Need to skip a couple months? No problem. Email and type how many months you'd like to skip.

For those who want to save their information/profile/history, but need to pause their account for an elongated period of time, simply email and request to pause your account.

Looking for a full cancel? Warning, this will cause you to lose any current status and information. If you think there is an opportunity you might return someday in the future, we strongly recommend pausing your account. To cancel, email and request to cancel your account.